Thursday, 29 December 2016

Goals For The New Year

Okay, so I'm not really one for making resolutions in the new year, mainly because I don't stick to them and get butthurt when I don't reach the completely unattainable goals I usually set. But I figured it can't hurt to realise some goals to keep me focused, can it?
So, here are some goals for 2017 :):
How cute are the fairy lights I used in the picture? I got them from iceland (of all places!) for about £4 I think!
1. Blogging
Obviously, I started this blog this month, and I'm in love with it. However, I did used to have a blog that I later deleted because some people from school found it.I decidd to start again because I did miss it, and I'm surrounded by people that'll (hopefully) be supportive. I hope that this time next year I'm continuing to blog and do what I love. I think one post a week is reasonable, and I hope I can stick to doing that, and obviously more when I have the time.

2. Plan, Plan, Plan
I am constantly complaining that I'm stressed. Stressed about college work, stressed about not being on time, stressed because I don't have time to clean, just STRESSED! So I want to start planing more, create a timetable for myself, plan my meals, when I do my assignments, when I need to clean, when I have free time etc. I did this for a bit in 2016 but stopped about a month ago. I need to get into this again and make it a regular thing. I am a creature of habit, planning and routines make me a happy little egg. :)

3. Education
 I don't plan on going to uni this year, so that means this is the year I'll finish education- scary stuff! So I guess my only goal here is to pass the course I'm doing now, which thankfully I'm on track to do :)

Wow, I actually can't think of any more! I feel like 3 is a good amount as that's a small enough number that I can focus on each. So, there are the goals I'll be going into the new year with. Do you have any?
Until next time!
-Cait x


  1. Blogging is one of my plans for 2017! I absolutely love blogging and I truly missed it when I stopped blogging a few months ago! x

    1. It's fab, isn't it? Thankyou so much for taking the time to read and comment!
      -Cait xx