Tuesday, 31 January 2017

25 Questions|Tag

There are 2 main reasons I decided to do this tag:
1. This week is a hella busy week with working loads, college and assignments (which I'll be halfway through when you see this), and finding the ime to take the pictures to go with the blog post I'd planned to go up today is proving difficult
2. This'll be my first time doing something like this on my blog so it'll be a great opportunity for me to introduce myself properly on my blog.
(Also, this I feel like this type of post is a timeless one. I love reading them on ther people's blog -maybe I'm a bit too nosey?)

What is your middle name? 
Jade. My mum picked it because that's her favourite shade of green. How cute :)
What was favourite subject at school?
I never liked school too much. I did like English (although I was rubbish at it!), and I did/do like Health and Social Care as a subject, so I guess I'd say both of them?
 What is your favourite drink? Diet Coke. How adventurous
What is your favourite song at the moment? Literally anything from The Pretty Reckless (have I talked about them enough yet?) I think Just Tonight is my current fave but it changes allll the time. I'm also loving 'Outlaws' by Alessia Cara -what a cute song!
 What is your favourite food? Sushi
What is the last thing you bought? If we're being technical, my lunch at work today. If not, the items I showed in this haul. I have no more money to buy nice things until payday now *sobs*
 Favourite book of all time? I'm actually not a big book person and for some reason my mind has gone blank, but I remember loving the missing series by Sophie McKenzie. I think she's a great author.
 Favourite Colour? Purple (can you guess?)
 Do you have any pets?Yes, I have a cat, but I'm funny about germs so I actually usually hide in my room if shes in (wow that seems really weird when I'm writing it out like this!)
 Favourite Perfume? 'Blossom' by Jimmy Choo
 Favourite Holiday? Christmas!!
 Are you married? Nope
Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times? I went to France with my school in year 8. Other than that, never.
Do you speak any other language? Not fluently. I did learn a little Spanish, French and German in the lower years in school. Us English are lazy with languages I guess.
 How many siblings do you have? 3: a twin sister (no, we don't look alike, and yes we were, infact, born on the same day!), a little brother and a little sister
What is your favourite shop? Blue banana for things like tights and sometimes necklaces and stuff, and also H&M and Primark
Favourite restaurant? My friend and I went to Ed's Easy Diner the other day and it was really nice (super unhealthy but tasty!)
 When was the last time you cried? A few days ago. I'm a sensitive flower. I cry at e v e r y t h i n g
Favourite Blog? I like a lot, but I always come back to Sincerely Seana. She just has an amazing way of writing and is so lovely. I love that she's so sweet and always replies to comments- you can tell she appreciates her fans. Her blog is great to read when you're sad too. She has a great humour and can also be very uplifting. I always come back to reading her blog.
Favourite Movie? I'm a big horror/thriller fan, but my all time favourite is 'Drop Dead Fred'. I watched it allll the time when I was little and it still never fails to make me laugh!
Favourite TV show? I'm more of a documentary kind of a gal, but when it was on, I loved My Mad Fat Diary. And Skins, it's on Netflix and I finished it over Christmas. I annoyed everybody with how much I talked about that show!
PC or Mac? PC
What phone do you have? Iphone6
How tall are you? 5' 7"
Can you cook? Uh, I guess. Like I cook for myself and I've not poisoned myself yet, but don't expect anything fancy.

Although it's just me answering a few questions, I hope you enjoyed this anyway!
Have you answered these questions? I'd love for you to leave the link in the comments!
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Until next time!
-Cait xx 

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Birmingham Haul | Boots, Forever 21, Hollister & more!

If you're following me on social media, you'd know that I went to Birmingham last week to see The Pretty Reckless on their 'Who You Selling For?' tour (read about it here-the night was AMAZING!)
My friend and I thought we'd make a weekend of it and go shopping the next day (even though we felt dead from the night before!), which was great- where we're from there isn't a huge shopping centre, so it was nice to have something different!

Here's a haul of everything I picked up that day (note: 99% of what I bought was necklaces):

Claire's were having a 3 for 2 sale, so I got all of this for £22! I find Claire's a bit hit and miss -sometimes I hate everything and sometimes I could buy half the store! This day was one of those days where I loved everything!
Moon choker £4.50, stone necklace £6, moon necklace £5

Ear cuffs £6, choker with different charms £5.50, Eiffel Tower Choker £4.50

We also went into Forever 21, which had some nice things. We don't have one in my town so it was super exciting. I only picked up a couple pieces of jewellery though. Unfortunately it was one of those days where I felt like everything looked horrible on me, so I didn't get any clothes.

Pack of chokers £3.50, necklace £0.99 in the sale (I know-crazy right?- look how pretty!)
We also went into Hollister -another shop we don't have in our town.
Sprays 2for £18 and the necklace was £5 in the sale

We had a quick look in Boots too -it's much bigger than the one at home!
Eyelashes £3.50 each, highlight palette £8

I've never owned highlight, so my friend recommended this palette -how pretty!
That's all, it was really nice to be able to see some shops that I don't have near me, and I'm really happy with what I got.
Where's your favourite place to shop? 
Until next time
-Cait xx
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Wednesday, 25 January 2017


I write this post, in my room, listening to The Pretty Reckless, suffering from some kind of post concert depression, praying I can re-live 20/1/17 over and over.
On the 20th January, I saw The Pretty Reckless at their concert in Birmingham (a 3 and a half hour train journey from where I'm from). They've been my favourite band for the past 5 years, so as you can imagine, I was pretty stoked (I wasn't able to go to their 'Going to Hell' tour a couple years ago and I was heartbroken!).
This post is more to do with saving the memory more than anything (although I'm sure it'll be ingrained into my brain forever and ever!)

A picture my friend took from where we were on the balcony!
Their show was AMAZING! I love how much energy Taylor has on stage -even though she was super jet lagged and tired! On this tour they played songs from all 3 of their albums, which I really liked, and Jamie played an awesome drum solo -just saying!
I unfortunately didn't get to see the support acts though, which was a shame considering I've heard they're good!
After the show, my friend and I, along with other fans waited outside to try and meet the band -which we did!
we waited from about 10pm - 1:20am in -2 degree weather but it was SO worth it! The band are honestly so chill -we met everyone but Ben, which was a shame, but I'm guessing he was probably jet lagged and tired -especially as they'd played their first UK show of the tour the night before ours.
Taylor was so sweet and had a full on conversation with each fan -she complimented my top saying she liked it because 'it was real OG' and I've never had anything greater said to me in my life I swear! Jamie was also super cool -even when my friend and I were talking to him about Henry Hoovers (I have no idea where it came from haha -although they don't have them in the US? You guys are missing out, seriously!) and Mark really is super tall!
I'm still letting it sink in that I met them! They must've thought I was such a fangirl haha, the first thing I said to Taylor was 'oh my god thankyou so much for playing 'Just Tonight', that's like my favourite song!' Also halfway through talking to her I just asked for a hug. Finally meeting the people you've looked up to obviously does weird things to a girl haha!
Although I'm now sitting here with blistered feet and one hell of a nasty cold, this was quite easily the best night of my life and I'd do anything to re-live it. I'm gonna fill the rest of this post with the pictures I got from the night.
What I wore: a 'The Pretty Reckless' T-shirt which I got years ago (the one taylor complimented! *cries*), a lether jacket from Matalan years ago, high waisted, ripped black shorts from Boohoo, ripped tights from Primark and studded hi tops from blue banana. The choker is from amazon and the other necklace is from Topshop -I love this outfit!
FOTD: eyes: Revolution's 'Wicked Style' from their 'What you waiting for palette, Maybelline colour tattoo in 'Eternal Gold' on my lid and MUA's 'platinum in the inner corner. Lips: 'Rebel' by MAC. Also notice my nail varnish that came completely off one finger on the way to Birmingham! The black and the silver glitter (kinda) top coat are both from Avon.

Shame Taylor wasn't looking at the camera when the picture was taken! She was so chill though, it was so lovely of her to have a conversation with us -she seemed so grateful for her fans!

This picture was taken before we started talking to Jamie about hoovers lol!
It's true! Mark really is that tall!

They all signed our ticket! Left to right: Jamie, Taylor, Mark
A super blury picture of Taylor on stage!

I'm super happy with the merch I got!
 Did you manage to see The Pretty Reckless on their 'Who You Selling For' tour? 
What's your favourite song by them?
Until next time!
Cait xx

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Sunday, 22 January 2017

My Everyday Makeup!

As I've started to use makeup more and more, I've gotten into a routine of using certain makeup every day. I used to use different products all the time, but recently I've narrowed down what products I like and enjoy using daily, which is what I'm gonna show you in this post!


I've recently started using primer after finally deciding it is an important step in my makeup routine. I've been using this one from NYX and it's beautiful. Makes your skin super smooth for makeup to go on to and I have noticed my makeup stays on a lot better with this too! I used to find before primer that if I had a long day my face would go a little red and patchy looking, but this primer genuinely stops that and I love it!
I then use the No 7 Beautifully matte foundation -what a surprise! (colour: Calico) as it's my fave, and although it gives great coverage I also use the Rimmel Wake me up concealer (colour: Ivory) just to cover up the bags under my eyes so I can pretend that getting up at 4:30am for work isn't killing me. :)
Over that I use Rimmel Stay Matte powder because what blogger hasn't used this by now? (colour: Transparent) to set it all on to my face. I do love it and can see why people in the blogging/youtube world rave so much about it. I love a matte finish and this definitely keeps my face looking matte all day!!


I do like to use eyeshadow most days (although skip it if I don't have time), and the two pallettes I seem to reach for most are the Tanya Burr eyeshadow quad in 'Midnight Smoulder', (which you can read about here) and the Avon quad in 'Mocha Latte', which is what I'm gonna write about in this post. My favourite way to wear it is with colour number 2 over my lid and 4 in my crease, and I usually just use any white to highlight in my inner corner. It's just a really simple neutral look and can be done in no time. I also really enjoy how blendable these shadows are and how easy they are to work with.

I then curl my eyelashes and line my waterline with Avon's SuperShock eyeliner and follow up with their SuperShock mascara, before following that with a coat of No 7 Dramatic lift mascara on my top lashes (which I will definitely purchase in full size soon!)


Lip colour totally depends on where I'm going and what I'm doing, so I've included a few of my favourites, as these are all things I wear on a very regular basis. If I'm going to work I like to just wear a neutral lip colour, as I don't have time to check if it looks okay all the time, and if it wears off then it doesn't look a mess. 2 of my favourites are both from Avon: 'Mocha', which is a brown toned nude colour, and 'In the Buff'' which is a lot lighter and a kind-of peachy toned nude I guess?
If I'm going anywhere else I like to wear a darker lip, One of my favourite combos at the moment is Lime Crime's veletine in 'Wicked', with Tanya Burr's lipgloss in 'Vampire Kiss' over the top, as for some reason I'm loving a more glossy look at the moment. I also love Lime Crime's velvetine in 'Fetish', 'Rebel' by Mac, and Rimmel's Kate Moss lipstick in shade 30 -but I could talk about lipstick all day if I'm given the chance!
Wow, close up my skin is horrendous lol!

Lipstick: 'In The Buff'- Avon
Wow! What a long post! I hope you enjoyed it anyway! What products do you love and wear daily?
Until next time!
-Cait x
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Thursday, 19 January 2017

Tanya Burr Cosmetics | My Opinion...

When Tanya Burr released her makeup collection at the beginning of 2014, it was super popular among bloggers and youtubers, and just in general. I'd tried to get my hands on it but every time I did, it sold out super quickly. I don't know whether that's a general thing or just where I live, though.
I must admit, after a while, I sort of just, forgot about it. However, I asked for some for Christmas this year and was pleasantly surprised when I did get some of it! Since I've had it for almost a month now, I thought I'd review it on my blog (even if I am, like 3 years late to the party!), seeing as I love reading reviews, especially when I'm planing on buying the product!

For Christmas, I received 3 lipglosses, in 'Mistletoe Kisses', Vampire Kiss' and 'Just Peachy'
Out of the 3, my favourite and most worn is 'Vampire Kiss', although I do reach for all 3 of them.

If I'm honest, the texture isn't great. I watched reviews telling me they weren't sticky at all, and they are. One of my biggest reasons for not wearing lipgloss is that it tends to be sticky (a nightmare on windy days!), so I had high expectations for these. They're not overly sticky. Like, I can wear one all day and not end the day absolutely despising the product, but if even a little bit of stickiness drives you insane, I'd think twice before purchasing.
They're super pigmented though, which I wasn't expecting really. this makes them great to wear on their own or with another product. The staying power is also amazing. I can wear them all day and only have to top up after eating. Most of the time, I end up having to reapply and reapply lipglosses throughout the day as they just do not stay on. These are fab for those days you just have a lot to do and can't be bothered with the faff of having to check if your lips look okay every 20 seconds (we've all been there!) They also smell heavenly too, sort of like sweets. This isn't a make or break factor, but a nice scent to a product is always nice!
I also wanna talk about the brushes- I love them! They're sponge applicators, which I don't always get along with. These ones are thin and sort of a bit-flimsy? Making them really easy to use as you can apply the product to where ever you want to (I usually struggle with the corners of my lips, anyone else?)

Overall, although I'm not a huge fan of the texture, I would recommend them and give them maybe an 7/10?)

I have the eyeshadow quad in 'Midnight Smoulder' - a beautiful palette for smoky eyes. It has 4 shades: a creamy white shade called 'Star Gazing', a pale blue colour called 'Endless Sky', a deep purple called 'Midnight Navy' -I'm not sure if it's actually supposed to be navy, but it definitely looks like purple to me, and a matte black (the only matte shade in the palette' called 'Into the Night' -which I think is an absolutely perfect name for a shadow and I love it!

The shades aren't super pigmented, but are really blendable and buildable, which is amazing! I'd definitely have an eyeshadow you can build the colour of and work easily with over a super pigmented eyeshadow any day! and for the price of £5.99 you can't complain! They also feel really silky smooth on your eyelids and stay on all day! I can apply these at 5am, and have them still look like they did then at 4 in the afternoon!

I absolutely love these and this palette has become an every day item for me recently. Although they're not pigmented straight away, it's definitely easy to build them up to the colour you want.
In particular, I really like 'Star Gazing' and 'Midnight Navy' and I use these colours often.
I honestly think these are some of the best eyeshadows in the drugstore (especially for their price!) and earn 10/10 easily!
FYI: An eyeshadow look with these eyeshadows totally compliments her lipgloss in 'Vampire Kiss' btw!

What did you think of this post, would you enjoy reading more? Do you own any Tanya Burr products? Which are your favourites, or do you have any you'd recommend? Ah so many questions!
Until next time!
-Cait xx

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Monday, 16 January 2017

The Soundtrack of My Life | Tag

Have I mentioned enough about how much I love music yet?
I saw this tag in video form on Lucy Moon's YouTube Channel (you really should check her out!), who said it was created by Lily Melrose and Zoe London a while ago, but I'd never seen it till now!
It looked really fun to do, and I'd encourage everyone else to do it too and link me in the comments so I can read them!

Song you listen to when you’re happy?
 This changes all the time, but I love a good sassy song when I'm happy, something I can dance around to and generaly just be super silly. It's kinda a guilty pleasure but 'That's My Girl'-Fifth Harmony is seriously my jam rn. Find me dancing around my room to it whenever I'm in a good mood at the moment. Sorry not sorry (did I just say that? Ew)

Song you listen to when you’re sad?
I'm definitely one of those people that occasionally often kinda just wallows in my own sadness. I'm terrible at hiding it so I do tend to listen to sad songs if I'm sad (a bad habit, I know!) but I love 'Good Enough' -Little Mix when I'm sad. I usually dramatically sing a long to it while crying or something. Lol
I couldn't find an official video of the song- sorry!

What song will you have at your wedding?
I honestly have no idea, definitely not thinking that far ahead!

What song do you dance around the house to?
'Ain't My Fault- Zara Larsson'  Name one person that can sit completely still when they hear this song!

Song you play on your headphones when out and about?
Whatever my favourtie is at the moment, it also depends on how I'm already feeling and where I'm going, but I'm gonna say a safe bet would be 'Roman Holiday' -Halsey

Song you listen to when you’re angry?
When I'm angry I fully embrace my teenage angst and listen to my absolute favourite band. I can't decide beween 2 so I'm gonna say both. 'Far From Never' and 'Miss Nothing' both by The Pretty Reckless (AKA: the best band to ever exist tbh)
For some reason I can't find the music video? You should give a watch though :)

Song you’d have at your funeral?
I don't think about this often, but I think 'Dead to Me' -Melanie Martinez would be pretty cool, kinda creepy. Idk lol

Song that makes you lose your shit at a party?
'Mr Brightside' by The Killers. Seriously, who doesn't lose their shit when they hear this?

The last song you listened to?
'Heaven Knows' by The Pretty Reckless :)

Your karaoke song?
Hmm, i don't know, maybe something like 'Superbass' -Nicki Minaj. Wow remember when that came out and you were the shit if you could rap the verses? Guess who still can? (me, js)

What song do you work out/exercise to?
Well, I mean, I don't work out (do I look like i do?), but I do walk a lot, and 'Reflection'-Fifth Harmony is my fave for that. Get's me proper pumped lol

Song with the most memories attached?
'Weightless'- by All Time Low -It's been the song I've blasted to cheer myself up for years. This song's seen me through a lot of tough times, I'm tellin' ya!

Song that makes you cry?
Believe in Me'- Demi Lovato. Right in the feels. Every time!

Song you hate the most?
'Happy' Pharrell Williams. This song does not make me happy. What it does do, however, is make we wanna punch someone!

Your favourite song of all time?
How to Save a Life -The Fray' or 'Iris' by the Goo Goo Dolls

 I thought this was a really cool tag to do, and I have no idea why I hadn't seen it before, but that's the soundtrack to my life!
If you do/have done this tag, let me know and I'll have a look!
Until next time!
-Cait xx

Friday, 13 January 2017

5 Product Face - In A Rush

If you're anything like me, you'd rather have an extra 10 minutes in bed in the morning than do anything else, which means you're literally always running late! Here's a makeup look you can do in 10 minutes just before you run out the door!

I'd recommend not skipping foundation. I'm sure you could've guessed this if you read my blog often, but I'd recommend the No 7 Beautifully Matte foundation. It's my favourite and the only one I use. It's super good coverage -a little goes a long way and it hides my hideously red cheeks!
I also have this amazing talent of being able to look hella tired all the bloody time! So concealer is a must for me. If you're tired I'd recommend the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer as it shimmers a bit so if you put ot under your eyes it really does make you look a little more awake.

For eyes I'd recommend going with a cream shadow. I swear by the Maybelline Colour Tatoos, my favourite is 'On and On Bronze' (Bad to the Bronze for anyone in the US) as it's super wearable and easy to apply with your finger. Then just mascara, as I don't think any makeup look is complete without mascara. I use one from Avon, but any that's gonna volumise your lashes and make your eyes look bigger will be good!I also lovesmudging my mascara under my eyes a little so it looks like I'm wearing eyeliner :)

Lips are my personal favourite part of any makeup look. I feel like you can put on a lipstick and it ties the whole look together. If I'm in a rush, I always wear a dark lipstick as I feel like it makes you look as though you've put a tons of effort into your look when in reality it took like 10 minutes :). My lipstick changes every day, but the one I reach for most at the moment is the Avon lip crayon in 'Plum Perfect'. It's a gorgeous purple shade that just seems to go with everything. I love it :). It's also a super creamy formula that doesn't need a lipbalm underneath and won't dry out your lips -great to wear if your lips are a little dry, especially in the cold winter months.

My selfie taking skills were not on my side when I was trying to get a decent selfie of this look, so have these ones *laughs&cringes* :)
All in all, this took me about 15 minutes to apply -not bad for a full face, eh?
What're your favourite products for when you're in a rush?
Until next time!
-Cait xx

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Social Media Accounts!

I thought I'd do a quick post because I recently made social media accouns for my blog, so I'd be really grateful for a follow!

Here are the links:
What're your social media links?

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

My Current Favourite Lipsticks!

I bloody love lipstick! It's my favourite part of any makeup look, seriously, it can transform any look. I thought I'd do a post about them, seeing as I do now own quite the collection, I thought I'd pick out and talk about some of my absolute faves :)

1. Rimmel Kate Moss - 08
This one was the first nude colour I bought. I gravitate much more towards dark and bold colours, and for some reason I was scared of wearing nudes, I thought they wouldn't suit me. I was wrong :). This lipstick is perfect for everyday wear. It's a more pinky-nude and gives your lips a little colour without being too out there :). It's nice for those days where you don't want the hassle of a dark lipstick (I know that you know dark lippy can be a pain sometimes!)

2. Rimmel Kate Moss - 30
Sticking with the Kate Moss theme, this is another one from her collection. It's a nice deep berry colour and I wear it all the time. It's quite dark and I feel like it can pull any winter outfit together :). I also find a lot of my lipsticks can be drying as they're matte. I tend to wear this one when I need something a little more moisturising.

3. Lime Crime Velvetine - Teddy Bear
I've been looking at and lusting over lime crime velvetine's for ages, so at the end of November I finally caved and got one - and I'm not disappointed! I'll definitely be ordering more! this is not usually a colour I'd go for, it's a lot more brown than I'm used to (and expected it to be!), but I think it looks lovely on. The velveteens are all matte so they are very drying, but they stay on really really well, so I don't find applying a lipbalm during the day an issue, and it keeps your lips moisturised. They smell really nice too, which is always a plus :)

4. Avon Ultra Colour Lip Crayon - Plum Perfect
Avon is one of the best affordable makeup brands in my opinion. Their lipsticks last really well, and I got this lip crayon in my stocking last year. I'll admit, I didn't get on with it at first, I thought it was too creamy, but I found it again a couple of months ago and I'm in love with it. I don't know what's changed, but it's moisturising and stays on a long time. The colour is a nice deep purple-y colour too- one of my favourite lipstick colours!

5. No 7 Lip Crayon - Raspberry red
Last but not least is another lip crayon, but this time from No 7. I'm really loving No 7 makeup at the moment, it's a little more pricey than other brands on the high street, but it's really good quality. A few weeks ago I picked this up and I really love it to. It's like a berry-pink kind of shade, which I don't have many of. I also like that it's long lasting and moisturising whilst always being matte, as I personally love matte makeup. :)

Thankyou for reading! Do you have any current lipstick faves? i'd love to know about them- leave me a comment!
Until next time!
-Cait x