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I write this post, in my room, listening to The Pretty Reckless, suffering from some kind of post concert depression, praying I can re-live 20/1/17 over and over.
On the 20th January, I saw The Pretty Reckless at their concert in Birmingham (a 3 and a half hour train journey from where I'm from). They've been my favourite band for the past 5 years, so as you can imagine, I was pretty stoked (I wasn't able to go to their 'Going to Hell' tour a couple years ago and I was heartbroken!).
This post is more to do with saving the memory more than anything (although I'm sure it'll be ingrained into my brain forever and ever!)

A picture my friend took from where we were on the balcony!
Their show was AMAZING! I love how much energy Taylor has on stage -even though she was super jet lagged and tired! On this tour they played songs from all 3 of their albums, which I really liked, and Jamie played an awesome drum solo -just saying!
I unfortunately didn't get to see the support acts though, which was a shame considering I've heard they're good!
After the show, my friend and I, along with other fans waited outside to try and meet the band -which we did!
we waited from about 10pm - 1:20am in -2 degree weather but it was SO worth it! The band are honestly so chill -we met everyone but Ben, which was a shame, but I'm guessing he was probably jet lagged and tired -especially as they'd played their first UK show of the tour the night before ours.
Taylor was so sweet and had a full on conversation with each fan -she complimented my top saying she liked it because 'it was real OG' and I've never had anything greater said to me in my life I swear! Jamie was also super cool -even when my friend and I were talking to him about Henry Hoovers (I have no idea where it came from haha -although they don't have them in the US? You guys are missing out, seriously!) and Mark really is super tall!
I'm still letting it sink in that I met them! They must've thought I was such a fangirl haha, the first thing I said to Taylor was 'oh my god thankyou so much for playing 'Just Tonight', that's like my favourite song!' Also halfway through talking to her I just asked for a hug. Finally meeting the people you've looked up to obviously does weird things to a girl haha!
Although I'm now sitting here with blistered feet and one hell of a nasty cold, this was quite easily the best night of my life and I'd do anything to re-live it. I'm gonna fill the rest of this post with the pictures I got from the night.
What I wore: a 'The Pretty Reckless' T-shirt which I got years ago (the one taylor complimented! *cries*), a lether jacket from Matalan years ago, high waisted, ripped black shorts from Boohoo, ripped tights from Primark and studded hi tops from blue banana. The choker is from amazon and the other necklace is from Topshop -I love this outfit!
FOTD: eyes: Revolution's 'Wicked Style' from their 'What you waiting for palette, Maybelline colour tattoo in 'Eternal Gold' on my lid and MUA's 'platinum in the inner corner. Lips: 'Rebel' by MAC. Also notice my nail varnish that came completely off one finger on the way to Birmingham! The black and the silver glitter (kinda) top coat are both from Avon.

Shame Taylor wasn't looking at the camera when the picture was taken! She was so chill though, it was so lovely of her to have a conversation with us -she seemed so grateful for her fans!

This picture was taken before we started talking to Jamie about hoovers lol!
It's true! Mark really is that tall!

They all signed our ticket! Left to right: Jamie, Taylor, Mark
A super blury picture of Taylor on stage!

I'm super happy with the merch I got!
 Did you manage to see The Pretty Reckless on their 'Who You Selling For' tour? 
What's your favourite song by them?
Until next time!
Cait xx

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