Thursday, 9 February 2017

I Love Winter | Tag

Can you believe we now have less than a month until spring? I absolutely love winter, this makes me so sad.

I've had these tag questions saved for a while (I do love a good tag post, easy to write and read, and timeless!) and I decided I'd need to get my butt into gear and actually answer them otherwise it'd be spring before this post went up! So here are my answers to the 'I Love Winter Tag':

1. Favourite Lip Product: Dark lipstick is my fave! And although I do wear it all year round, it's definitely a winter thing. The one I've been loving this winter is 'Matte Grape' by Avon, or maybe 'Rebel' by MAC
2. Favourite Drink: I feel like winter is all about the hot drinks, which don't go well with me. I don't like them. I do sometimes like a hot chocolate but, like, I'm not crazy about it. I'd rather just have a glass of water or squash. Sometimes, though, I will make a hot chocolate and put some cinnamon in, which is quite nice so I'll say that.
3. Favourite Nail Polish: I actually don't very often wear nail polish, so I haven't got a favourite
4 . Favourite Candle: Again, not my thing, so I don't have a favourite.
5. Favourite Attraction: Can someone explain what this means? I'm probably getting the meaning wrong but if it means like favourite attraction to winter, the cold weather. I do love the cold :)
6. Favourite Accessory: My leather jacket without a doubt! I've been wearing it non stop. I have no idea what I'll do when it gets too hot to have it on!
7. Favourite Candy: Ummm, probably something like After Eights for the winter, we always have them at Christmas, and you can't have chocolate in the Summer -it'll melt!
8. Favourite Movie: I have way too many! Elf, Home Alone 2, The Holiday etc etc. I'm a huuuge fan of Christmas and I absolutely adore Christmas movies!
 9. Favourite Blush: I never wear it! My cheeks are naturally super red so there's no point.
10. Favourite Thing:The chilly nights snuggled up in bed with a god comedy. It's not the same in the Summer -gets too hot and sweaty to enjoy it!

Well, I hope you enjoyed that post! Be sure to leave me a link if you've done it too!
Do you prefer Winter or Summer?
Until next time!
-Cait xx

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