Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Mini Boots Haul!

I shop in boots alll the time. I absolutely adore makeup, and so I do end up in boots without it being planned quite often (yes, my wallet and I are both very aware of how bad a habit this is!). The other day I was waiting in town for a friend and decided to pop quickly into boots -bad idea! suddenly I was handing over £35 that I definitely didn't need to spend! (although I am assured that we all do it -after all I do work for my money!) I thought I'd do a quick post about what I bought -I'd love to do more blog posts on hauls, but I often only buy one or two things and then by the time I have enough things to show, I've forgotten what I bought and when! Jheez. My wordvomit even transfers to my blog. Why do I always have SO much to say?!

Lets get the boring stuff done first. I picked up a pack of their cotton pads, as I just needed some new ones. The ones I get are the big oval ones as you can take off your makeup using only one or two, as opposed to using like 5 or 6.

I then saw the garnier micellar cleansing gel face wash on offer for £2.99. I saw this advertised and wanted to give it a try, so as soon as I saw it in boots I picked it up. I'm yet to try it, but if you're interested, I'll certainly do a post on it!

Now, onto things a little more fun!
Everyone and their dog seems to rave about the Rimmel lasting finish foundation, and although I love my No7 one, I do want to branch out a little. I decided I'd pick this up in boots. It was £8, which is a lot nicer than £14.50 for the one I usually use!
I'll be honest, I like foundations with full coverage to hide my red cheeks, and this one does not do that for me. I also find that I need to use concealer whereas Ii don't with my other one. It's okay though. Not my fave, but maybe it'll grow on me! I also love the smell of Rimmel products -anyone else?
I picked up a few concealers next, 2 collection ones and one rimmel one. The rimmel one is one I already use on a regular basis, I just repurchased it as I was running low -I love it for under the eyes, especially on days I don't have time to do a full face, really brightens the face and I love it!
The collection ones are a firm favourite of the blogging and youtube community for years. I used to use them all the time a few years ago, I saw them and decided to pick them up again. One thing I do wish is that they had a larger colour range. I'm between 1 and 2 which is slightly annoying.

I usually use the setting spray from Avon, but thought I'd try this one as I was running low on my other one. I love my Avon one so I'm super excited to See if this one is any good. I was recommended this by a friend so I'm expecting big things!

 The last things I picked up were a few of these collection lipliners. I've always been super into lipstick but never lipliners. Lately I've been using them a bit more so I thought I'd pick these ones up. I got 'Pink', 'Cappucino', and 'Damson' -'Damson' being my obvious fave here! I've swatched them all and wore 'Pink' on my lips and I love them! Their staying power is amazing and they have a  super creamy texture! Definitely a steal at just £2.50 each on offer at the moment!

Do you ever end up in boots and accidentally spend more money than you should?
Have you made any recent beauty purchases?
Until next time!
-Cait xx
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