Monday, 6 February 2017

NYX Primers

In my recent favourites post, I said I'd do a post all about the NYX primers I've been loving, so, true to my word, here it is!

These are the first primers I've ever used, and theyre definitely making me question why I never used one before! Theyre both super affordable and readily available. You can pick both up from your local Boots for uner £20!

NYX Photo-Loving Primer

This is the face primer I got. I wanted to get the green one as I have very red skin, but it was sold out. I went for this one because I figured it would stop that shine you get on photos, being photo loving. You can buy it from Boots for £10, and the one I have is just the clear one.
You need only a tiny amount of this to go all over yout face, and it makes it super smooth! Afterwards, putting on foundation is super easy, I find that the surface is smoother and foundation just sort of glides on (is that the right wording?). I'm using far less foundation now, and it also stops foundation from clinging to your dry areas.
As far as long wearing, I think it does pretty well. I have work at 6am quite often. So this means that makeup will be on my face for over 12 hours many days. I do find by the end of a long day it starts to wear off -my cheeks might look a bit red for example, and im a little shiny, but my makeup stays on a ton better than it did before I started using primer!
Overall I think it's well worth the money, like I said I've nothing to comapre it to, but if youre looking for an alternative to spending upwards of £20 I think you'll love this. Or it's great as a first primer if you're starting to get into makeup!

NYX Proof It! Eye Primer

The other primer I have is their 'Proof It!' eyeshadow primer. you can also pick this one up from boots for £5.50! I can't find it on the boots website for some reason, but you can order it from feelunique here. I I'm honest, I never saw the big appeal of eyeshadow primers. I always thought that they were kind of an unnecessary purchase. Especially with makeup being as expensive as it is. However I was so wrong!!
This makes your eyeshadow stay on for ever. Like seriously. I fell asleep with my makeup on the other night (v v bad, 0/10, would not recommend -my skin HATES me now!) But, When I woke up, my eyeshadow was still in tact. How amazing is that! The only downside I've found is that my eyeshadow is 90% blending most days and having this underneath it makes it much harder to blend. But I can look past it for the staying power it has. It's great for long days, and makes your eyeshadow much more pigmented too. Definitely worth the £5.50 if you ask me!
Do you have any primers from NYX? What do you think?
Thankyou for reading!
Until next time!
-Cait xx 
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