Sunday, 14 May 2017

Festival Inspired Lips: NYX Liquid Suedes!

So with Summer just around the corner and festival season beginning, I thought it'd be appropriate to start writing about it here on my blog. This year, I'm going to Reading festival, which'll be my first. I'm super scared but so excited, and it means that I'm giving the festival season quite a lot of thought this year. Recently I came across the NYX liquid suedes, and have fallen in love, I love having different colours to experiment with, and they're super affordable too -perfect for festivals in my opinion, and I definitely plan on taking mine with me!
I currently have 5 (although I have my eye on a few more). I find that the colour payoff with these is amazing, and consistent throughout all the colours. They're also super easy to apply, the brush is kinda bent a little at the end, which in my opinion makes them a lot easier to apply -I totally tend to struggle applying liquid lipstick usually!

Jet set is one of my favourites, a lovely navy blue colour, which I actually think really suits me and is surprisingl more wearable than it looks!
Stone Fox is my other favourite! Again, surprisingly wearable considering that it's a blue-toned grey colour. The blue tones are also fab becuase they make your teeth look whiter! :)
Of course, nothing's perfect, and there are a couple down sides. They do tend to smudge and transfer a little, which can be a bit of a pain, but they last on your lips all day, so I think I can deal with a little transfer for a long wearing lipstick! They are also quite drying, as are many liquid lipsticks, which is annoying, although I tend to just carry with me a clear lipbalm and put that on over the top of the lipstick when I can feel my lips drying out.

Little Denim Dress - A beautiful light blue colour!

'Sway', which is a bright purple!
 These are the first 2 I bought! Words cannot describe how happy I was when I found these as I'd been looking for a bright blue and purple for ages (I still don't know why!)
'Tea and Cookies' is the only wearable one I own, it's quite subtle for me as I tend to wear a lot of dark lipstick, but I really like this, it's nice to wear if I don't want to have to think about re appying, as they don't come off easily.
This is the only wearable one I own, it's super pink, which is like the lightest I'll go with lipstick (I'm a dark lipstick kind-of-a-gal, and nudes don't suit me at all!) I really like it and wear it often, especially on the days I don't feel like dealing with the hassle of constantly reapplying a dark lipstick.

These are honestly some of the best lipsticks I've ever tried, I actually haven't spoken to anyone that hasn't fallen in love with them to be honest. They have a super diverse colour range, which means there's something for everyone, and at £7, they're so affordable. I definitely reccommend them for festivals and concerts, nights out and for everyday wear.

Hope you enjoyed this post, what're your favourite lipsticks?
Until next time
-Cait x
*Disclamer: I was not sponsored by NYX for this post, I wish I was, but sadly, I bought all of these with my own dolla$$
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  1. Ahh wow Reading now that brings back memories haha. Although I would never have been as daring as these lip colours. I think Sway and Tea and Cookies are my fave. I actually got a nice dark Sleek lipstick gifted by my lovely blogger friend and really like that considering O dont wear darks! X
    Lola Mia //

  2. I don't think I'd dare to wear blue lipstick, but it's definitely a pretty colour. I will keep my eye out for the 'tea and cookies' one though! xx

  3. I've only actually tried nyx lip lingerie, so these bright colours are SO cool to see! I actually love navy blue lipstick, so that one is definitely my favourite, although I'd love the try the black/grey one!x

  4. I think you have to a very brave and confident person to wear that blue shade!
    Tea and Cookies is such a wearable shade and definitely the one I'd go for!

    Louisa | Loubee Lou Blogs

  5. I love the NYX liquid lipsticks. I love these shades